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Strategy Model Canvas

The Strategy Model Canvas (SMC) is a strategic planning model, created precisely to bring agility and simplicity, without losing the quality of good strategic planning. It is a simple but quite complete way of thinking about business strategy through a map of the main items that make up a plan, a summary of the key points of a business strategy. It is undoubtedly a less formal tool than the conventional description currently used, however, it encompasses several strategic planning techniques, providing a 360º view of the environment in which the company operates.

It is a space that has practical content, easy to understand and quality aimed at you who dreams of a business of their own and do not know where to start and for you who are already an individual entrepreneur or a micro entrepreneur and want to transform your business. Through an online training program with standardized, structured and intelligent content and a distance support from our consultants we provide you with the best in the market in an extremely affordable and quality way.


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