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The Strategy Model Canvas (SMC) is a strategic planning model, created precisely to bring agility and simplicity, without losing the quality of good strategic planning. It is a simple but quite complete way of thinking about business strategy through a map of the main items that make up a strategy, a kind of summary of the key points of a business strategy. It is undoubtedly a less formal tool than the conventional description of a Strategic Planning, however, it encompasses several strategic planning techniques, providing a 360º view of the environment in which the company operates.


This model allows application in companies of any size, allowing any organization to define its strategy. Taking strategy off paper is what makes the difference, and the only way to do it is to make strategy simple and easily visible to everyone who makes it happen.

A company without strategy is likewise a drifting boat, waiting for the wind to pass so that it can go its way, but in this way it is clear and obvious that it will not get where it wants, so strategic planning is essential to guide the organization.

Model Canvas

The SMC follows the same philosophy of canvas models, oriented to visual orientation, therefore, it is developed in a page A0 (1189 x 841) or A1 (841 X 594) depending on the size of your company, using post. -its to fill in the information.

E-book SMCanvas

Here you will have access to the E-book, a kind of Manual so you can learn how to build SMC.

Presentation SMC

Here you will have access to a Presentation about the SMC template, so you can make understanding a little easier and even use it to present in your company.


If you are interested in contributing to maintaining the SMCanvas model and supporting the creation of new tools, ebooks, books, and courses, you can donate R$9.90 in exchange for the following material.

1. SMCanvas E-book;
2. Poster A0 SMCanvas in PT, ING and ESP;
3. Presentation of SMCanvas with Real Case.

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